ProductionFutures 2020


Monday 9/11/20

11.00 Tour Management: What Is It and Is It For Me? With Trevor Williams, Managing Director of Tour Music Live

Multiple TPi Award winner in the Production Manager of the Year category, Trevor Williams – who has worked with the likes of Stormzy, Dave, and Grace Jones – discusses the current socio-political climate and shares a call to action for diversity in our industry.

12.00 Crew: First In Last Out with Alex Slater, Office & Operations Manager of Stage Miracles

A mainstay of the UK music industry since 1977, Stage Miracles has provided local crew for some of the largest concerts the world has ever seen. Local crewmen and women are the lifeblood of any tour – perhaps you’re considering joining their ranks as you think about entry points to the industry. Here’s how.

13.00 Shure introduces the New SLX-D Digital Wireless
Discover how SLX-D can benefit your productions for live performance, install applications, theatre, broadcast, house of worship, presentation and training, plus much more.

14.00 2019 TPi Breakthrough Talent Award winners with Jacob Waite, Assistant Editor of TPi Magazine 

Jacob catches up with the winners of 2019’s awards; Sound Engineer Dylan Barber, Lighting Technician Owen McIlreavy, Sound Engineer Oli Crump, and Harry Boyde from ER Productions. We’ll hear what they’re up to now and their words of advice for peers looking to break into the industry. Nominations are now open for this year’s awards with more information to be found on the Breakthrough Talent Virtual Booth.

15.00 Audio: Life Behind the Faders with Bastille’s FOH Engineer Paul Cooper and Monitor Engineer Ben Kingman

Two of Bastille’s mainstays in the audio department – and TPi Award winners to boot – drop in to talk the band’s audio setup for that last campaign and answer your questions about touring with a top level arena act.

16.00 Introduction to ChamSys MagicQ console range and software. Learn to use MagicQ, patch a new show, create Cues and FX. Register for this session on swapcard, limited places are available.

16.00 d&b audiotechnik: Soundscape with FOH Engineer Robb Allan

Robb Allan, FOH Engineer for Radiohead, Massive Attack and Coldplay, explores the possibilities of d&b Soundscape within the arena environment and how reinventing his mixing style can open up audiences to a whole new listening experience.

17.00 My Crew: Frank Turner
We sit down with singer-songwriter Frank Turner and a number of his loyal crew; Production Manager Dougie Murphy, Lighting Designer Ali Pike and FOH Engineer Graham Kay. They share their thoughts on the current crisis in the industry and discuss how we might see live events return in the coming months.


Tuesday 10/11/20

11.00 The Largest Stage with Durham Marenghi, Owner of Lumitect
Durham, who has created lighting design for theatre, opera, dance, trade, concert, heritage, architectural and television productions worldwide, shares the secrets to successful large-scale aesthetics. You might also recognise his work from the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Rio Olympic Games in 2016.

12.00 Careers in Live Events and the Event Technology Business with Interfacio. In this session, Interfacio founder Richard Wear will address the key question – “How do I secure my dream job and what happens after that?”. Register for this session on swapcard, limited places are available.

12.00 Catering: The Most Important Place On Tour with Simon Mitchell, Touring Chef at Rockpool Tour Catering

Simon Mitchell discusses life on the road with Metallica and the food which fuels the metal juggernaut on the road. For whom the bell(y) tolls…

13.00 Share your Vision: From Concept to Pre-Visualisation
Tom White, Vectorworks Industry Specialist takes us through Vectorworks’ pre-viz software

 14.00 Backline Tech: More Than Just Changing Strings with Bob Munro
TPi’s Backline Technician of the Year talks trading life in his Scottish hometown to tour the world with the likes of The Blossoms and Miles Kane. He also goes into detail about some of the roles and responsibilities of a top level Backline Tech. Spoilers: It’s about more than cleaning guitars.

15.00 Lighting Design: The Creative Process of the LD with Tom Campbell
Having created stunning lighting shows for Yungblud, 30 Seconds to Mars and Bullet For My Valentine, Tom gives an insight into what it’s like to tour with some of music’s most exciting rock acts. Here, he shares his sage words of wisdom with those hoping to do the same.

16.00 ChamSys Training Session. Inside the Programmer – Architainment Lighting & Installations ; Session with Andi Gruber, Lighting Designer & Integrator – – How to program with MagicQ for installations. Register for this session on swapcard, limited places are available.

16.00 Audio Supply with Paul Timmins, Business Development and Strategy Manager of Solotech UK
Far from the days of loading in black boxes, live audio is now a much more complex and scientific art. Paul dissects the role of an audio supplier, the number of specialisms open to you within the field, and divulges how you might find a place within it.

16.30 Production Manager; Steering the Ship with Jake Vernum
With an army of crew and suppliers, it’s the job of the Production Manager to pull all the pieces together and oversee every technical element of a tour. Having managed George Ezra’s last few campaigns, Jake explains his personal path to the position and the skills and mindset you need to take on the job.

17.00 Hello Glastonbury with Emma Reynolds-Taylor

Arguably the world’s most famous contemporary cultural gathering, Glastonbury marks the pinnacle of live music. In this talk we speak to Emma Reynolds-Taylor, Head of Production for both the Pyramid and Other Stages, to find out what it takes to oversee such a mammoth task and the leadership need to make each year a success.

Wednesday 11/11/20

11.30 – Virgin Money Unity Arena with Engine No.4’s Dave Weeks, Kingdom Services Project Manager Matt Simpson, and R&M Productions Peter Shorten
We chat to some of the team behind the Virgin Money Unity Arena – one of the few outdoor events that managed to go ahead this year in the UK. We discuss the measures put in place to ensure audience safety and what can be learned from this project.
12.00 3T with Freyja Lawson
This summer, Monitor Engineer Freyja Lawson and the Mura Masa touring production launched an incentive hoping to counter the lack of diversity within the live events space. They opened applications and welcomed a number of black women along to Millennium Studio for workshops to learn about the logistics of live touring. In this panel she debriefs with them about the process.

13.00 Content Is King with More Eyes
With video becoming increasingly more prevalent in set design, the importance of content is undeniable. More Eyes, founded by Matt Sharp and Pete Thornton, has been on the forefront of audio-visual productions. Both Matt and Pete chat to us about the demands of content creation and what those hoping to pursue a career in this field can do during this uncertain time to best prepare themselves for the future.

14.00 Vectorworks Training Session: Inserting Trusses and Hoists. In this introductory session, learn how to create realistic truss layouts, attach loads and lighting devices, and suspend trusses from house rigging points. Register for this session on swapcard, limited places are available.

14.00 From A to B with Rock-It Cargo’s Chris Palmer, TAG Global Travel’s Trevor Johnson, Phoenix Bussing Andy Gray and Fly By Nite’s Matt Jackson
Behind every world tour, there is a metaphorical minefield to be manoeuvred across to ensure the band, crew and set get to each city, country and continent safely and on time. In this panel we unpick the web of travel logistics and hear from some of the companies that make each world tour possible

15.00 Sennheiser presents: Life on the road with… Mumford & Sons
The crew behind Mumford & Sons’s world tours join us to answer questions on working in the live events industry, production tech and backstage banter.
Special guests: Chris Pollard (FOH), Ed Warren (LD), Alex Oakley (Guitar Tech), Ryan Wyatt (Guitar/Bass Tech), Pete Dunn (Merch Manager).
Hosted by Sennheiser’s Andy Egerton and Kevin Gwyther-Brown.

16.00 Introduction to ChamSys MagicQ console range and software.  Learn to use MagicQ, patch a new show, create Cues and FX. Register for this session on swapcard, limited places are available.

16.00 The Future of Music Venues with Emma Davidson, Assistant Editor at Mondo*dr
Emma talks to a number of experts – including Beverley Whitrick, Strategic Director of Music Venue Trust – about how COVID-19 has affected venues in the UK and how we might see these businesses return in the near future.

17.00 – Video Supply with Phil Mercer, Co-Founder of Universal Pixels
Over the last decade, video has played more and more of an integral role in set design within the live sphere. As the head of an award winning video supplier working with The Chemical Brothers, The Spice Girls, Snow Patrol and Massive Attack, Phil describes the changing role of video in touring.

17.30 Lighting and Show Design with Nick Whitehouse

From academy show to Justin Timberlake; Lighting Designer Nick Whitehouse discusses how he made his way into the industry and what exactly goes into designing a big budget arena tour going into detail about JT’s previous two campaign, The 20/20 Experience and the Man of the Woods World Tour.


Thursday 12/11/20

11.00 – Going Global with Peter Iantorno, Editor of TPMEA
Peter speaks to key figures in the Middle East market about how a career in live events could open to doors to travel to new places and explore new realms of creativity.

12.00 Careers in Live Events and the Event Technology Business with Interfacio. In this session, Interfacio founder Richard Wear will address the key question – “How do I secure my dream job and what happens after that?”. Register for this session on swapcard.

12.00 Lighting Operator: Keeping the Lights On with James Scott
Lighting Operator for arena acts, including Stormzy and Rita Ora, talks about life as a lighting operator on the road and being the man who puts the stars in the spotlight.

12.30 – Audio Design: Shaping Sound with Colin Pink
The responsibility of an audio designer is to ensure each person in the audience receives the best possible sonic experience – from those on the barrier all the way to the seats at the back of the venue. System Designer and industry veteran of live touring and theatre, Colin Pink describes the changing world of audio system design and the technical innovations taking place in the field.

13.00 A Career in Sound with DiGiCo and Adlib

Stew chats to a number of representatives from DiGiCo and Adlib to explore the various professions available in the world of pro audio. From those who mix live shows to the talented technicians that build the sound desks, our panel of experts describe where you might find your place.

The panel welcomes CEO Audiotonix, James Gordon, General Manager DiGiCo Austin Freshwater, DiGiCo’s Sales Engineer and Trainer Tom Williams, Technical Sales Specialist Mollie Autherson with Adlib’s Andy Dockerty and Ian Nelson.

14.00 Special Effects: Life With a Bang with Liam Haswell, BPM SFX
Liam walks us through the developments he’s witnessed firsthand in the world of special effects – from the dark days before laser and pyro jets to the spectacles we see in the 21st century. He also shares the one thing you should know before pursuing a career in this field.

15.00 How the latest advancements in technology are changing the game for visual storytelling with Notch
Notch’s Head of Training takes you on a journey into motion graphics to discover how technology is driving the new tools for the future of visual arts.

16:00 ChamSys Training Session: Inside the Programmer – Live Show Busking; Session with Anthony Hazeldon, Lighting Designer for Marc Kinchen – How to program your busking show with MagicQ. Register for this session on swapcard, limited places are available.

16.00 Lighting Supply with Mike Oates, Co-founder and Director of Lights Control Rigging
Mike’s company has provided lighting equipment for some of the biggest names including Ed Sheeran, Pendulum, and Rod Stewart to name a few. He’s seen it all. In this chat he reveals how his company is adapting in these trying times.

16.30 Powering Outdoor Events with Shaun Pearce, Managing Director of Pearce Hire
As festival-goers’ expectations increase year on year, Shaun Pearce talks about what it takes to provide power to large scale outdoor events to ensure the show goes on.

17.00 Building for the Future
With Rachel Nicholson, Backstage Academy Head of Institution, Paul Jones from the UK Live Event Freelancers Forum and Harrison Page from Fix8 Group

Friday 13/11/20

11.00  Setting the Stage with Brilliant Stages
The team at Brilliant Stages talk about what it takes to make some of live music’s most impressive spectacles and literally set the stage night after night for global acts like Take That and Beyoncé.

12.00 My Crew: Stormzy with FOH Engineer Raphael A Williams and Production Manager Joel Stanley
From London’s grime scene to the Pyramid Stage, Stormzy has quickly become King of the UK music scene. In this conversation we speak to two of his touring crew who have been with him every step of the way.

13.00 Can I Earn a Living? With Andy Lenthall, General Manager of the PSA
Money talks. We bring together the experts to tell you what you need to know to be financially stable within the events market.

14.00  Vectorworks Training Session: The Audio Toolset in Vectorworks In this training session, learn how to insert speaker objects in Vectorworks and discover how to set up front fills, delays and flown speaker arrays. Register for this session on swapcard, limited places are available.

14.00 Capturing the Magic with Steve Price

According to Steve, video directing is all about telling stories and capturing moments. Having worked with everyone from Queen to Mumford and Sons he is the man calling the camera cuts to ensure no one misses a moment. He joins us to impart his camera knowledge and explain how embracing the world of streaming could stand you in good stead for the future.

15.00 How To Get Your Foot in the Door with UK Live Music
UK Live music’s Oli Morris chat to Touring Production Coordinator Helen Smith,  Monitor Engineer Daniela Seggewiss, and Stage Manager James Hayward, who all give their two cents on how to get your start in the live events sector – and the weird and wonderful ways they managed it.

16:00 Lighting & Media Control with MagicQ – Learn how MagicQ controls, integrates & networks with both lighting & media systems. Register for this session on swapcard, limited places are available.

16.00 Streaming the Future with ETP
The ETP team discuss how they quickly pivoted to offer solutions desperately being sought to keep businesses thriving through these challenging times. With the upcoming build of broadcast studios in several location in the US and London, they demonstrate why the changing nature of virtual events doesn’t have to be a scary prospect.

All sessions and times are subject to change.