Production Park - 28 Sep 2023
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PF Networking Lounge
Training & Workshops
10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 13:30, 14:30Vectorworks Stand

Vectorworks Presents: CAD Design WORKSHOP

Come and learn the fundamentals of CAD design with industry-leading design software.
10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 13:30, 14:30 Sennheiser / Neumann Stand

Sennheiser / Neumann Presents: Audio WORKSHOP

Learn all about the wireless microphone technologies available for stadium, touring, festivals and large scale events.
10:30, 12:30, 14:30ChamSys Stand

ChamSys Presents: Lighting WORKSHOP

These sessions will introduce you to the ChamSys MagicQ software, showing the latest features and looking into the basics of programming a lighting show file. Starting with an introduction to the ChamSys, you will then learn to patch fixtures, create cues, use palettes for busking and create some great FX. There will be ChamSys MagicQ lighting consoles along with the Magic VIS, for you to get practical training and follow along the session. If you’re interested then register for one of our sessions and we look forward to seeing you there!
11:45, 13:45Chauvet Professional Stand

Chauvet Professional Presents: Lighting WORKSHOP

Moving Light Service Training + Q&A
10:30PF Networking Lounge
Sophie Beasor

Empower yourself ‘FOR FREE’

Sophie Beasor talks about events, media, online, in person communities and associations leaning heavily on the industry compass.
11:00Live Talks Stage
Josh Wilson
Sarah Barry
Liam Bridge
Holly Saul
Debbie Powell

Creating moments that move people

The TAIT team talk about how they got started in the business and their role in creating some of the worlds most talked about stages.
11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00

Production Park Tours

Tour the Production Park campus, where world first, meets world famous - where global tours are staged, film comes to life and the virtual becomes reality. We're a created community of studios, technology and education and we're opening the doors to you - our practitioners of the future. Book one of our time slots to see the amazing things that happen right here on Production Park. - Meeting point - ALT Stand The tour lasts approximately 1hr
11:00, 14:00PF Networking Lounge
Richard Wear

How to get your dream job and keep it!

How to write a killer CV and brand yourself with recruitment specialist Richard Wear.
11:30PF Networking Lounge
Subul Lodi
Chris Ablett
Bob O’Brien

In conversation with: Industry professionals from across all aspects of entertainment production

We invite special guests to take the stage to answer newcomers burning questions. Can I travel the world? What if I want to start a family? Should I go freelance or work for a business? Can I transfer skill sets? What are soft skills?
11:45LIVE Talks Stage
Rachel Pfennig Hales
Sam Wilkinson

The life cycle of an event

Explore how a tour gets started – from the money decisions to creative conception to production of the event. This conversation aims to give a general introduction to the industry, while showcasing a range job specialties and skillsets, production vocabulary, and a general time-lined look at how projects grow from concept to showtime.
12:00PF Networking Lounge

Who’s hiring! – Come and meet industry professionals offering paid work opportunities and apprenticeships

Meet leading production companies and suppliers offering paid work opportunities and apprenticeships.
12:30LIVE Talks Stage
Sam Woodward

Discover the fascinating world of automation

The “wow moments” in shows often come from automation – those effects that enable performers to fly, that set heavy scenery in motion, or enable machines to come to life. From theme parks to opera, discover more about the opportunities that await you in this field, in this high-velocity talk from TAIT, the company behind the superbowl half-time flying and machinery control in the worlds most well known theatres, and whose technology powers the biggest shows and tours that everyone’s talking about.
13:30LIVE Talks Stage
Louise Robey

Want to work in broadcasting? Come and learn about sqiggly careers, hidden jobs and how you can bag a job!

Louise Robey has almost 40 years’ experience in business including 25 at the BBC.  She started in the retail sector at Marks & Spencer, but later moved into broadcast production, communications & change, management, live events and public affairs. Louise has worked in the private, public, education and charitable sectors, so she’s well networked, multi-skilled and versatile when it comes to helping organisations transform and engage more widely with their customers/audiences.
14:15LIVE Talks Stage
Jonas Badura

Inside broadcast sports careers and hidden job roles you never knew existed!

How an internship can develop into a dream career as project manager for one of the worlds biggest and most prestigious global sporting events SailGP, broadcast to millions.
14:30PF Networking Lounge

In conversation with Entrepreneur Sam Nankivell

Abz asks Sam the questions we all want to ask about starting and building your own business, whilst being the architect of your own destiny!
15:00LIVE Talks Stage
Jess Woodward
Darren Poultney
Lee Brooks
Andrea Shirk

Collaboration in a global entertainment industry

This conversation aims to offer a look at the importance of supporting each other across the industry, between vendors, crews, and at times, competitors, for the good of the project. How are we asked to be flexible with each other, and what can we do to create an environment where everyone wins? Highlighting a range of jobs within the industry, and some insight around how various areas of the industry interact, we hope to share how this mentality impact the this panel-style discussion will represent a variety of perspectives from both US and UK markets and beyond, to talk about…