Roe Visual Enhances ROE Academy Training

ROE Visual has announced training in close cooperation with processing partner Megapixel VR.

ROE Visuals’ processing partner Megapixel VR launched a series of training videos on the HELIOS LED processing platform. In these training videos Megapixel VR will go through the features of the HELIOS processor step-by-step, highlighting all the great aspects and explaining what makes HELIOS such a powerful and flexible processing system.

ROE Visual will continue to extend its training offering over the next few weeks adding online courses, videos and seminars to its current portfolio.

The training videos will include information such as: settings & mapping, adjustments and seams, input, output and color management and troubleshooting. You can watch the first video and register for access to the full series here.

In addition, ROE Visual and Megapixel VR offer individualized online training and webinars for existing and prospective customers. Each session is tailored to the client’s specific needs and targeting the client’s technical staff in customized sessions. You can request these individualized sessions here.

Visit the ROE Academy page, where we will update our information on a regular basis.