Have you got unwanted time on your hands? Want to help others whilst putting your kit to good use and promoting yourself? Do you just need something constructive to do at the moment? KitPlus wants to hear from you!

Create a short video review / top tips clip and send it to KitPlus via this link. KitPlus will pay £100 for every clip it uses (please see the T&Cs).

These guidelines will help your video get used.

It must be original content created for KitPlus, 1080p or 720p and under 1.5Gb file size.
The item reviewed should preferably be no more than three years old and still available on the open market. If not, it had better be good!
You should own the item or rent the item on a regular basis, and use the item frequently in your day to day job.
Clips should be 4 minutes to 10 minutes long.
Please introduce yourself and begin with ‘Hi my name is XXXXXX and here is my KitPlus review (or top tip) on XXXX’
Please edit the clip with no promotional graphics or logos. If you need to illustrate something then an arrow or name tag graphic is ok.
Use the opportunity to briefly explain what you do. We will add contact details and “about you” text in the review description so please do not add graphics for this aspect.
If you wish to use background music then you must own the license or it must be license free. We, and more importantly the platforms we use, will need proof.
You must not be receiving payment, sponsorship or other reward from other third parties directly or indirectly for the review.
We want genuine reviews, low level constructive remarks are fine and part of any good review, avoid ranting and swearing.
We suggest the review be about your ‘must have’ item of kit, something you’ve used and know inside out, an edit plug-in, keyboard shortcuts, lighting gadget, item of grip, converter box, lens filter (set) or something completely unrelated that you carry, and use for a purpose it was not designed for…
Basically anything that people watching can learn something from.
We’re looking for a well polished, clean and slick, edited version that you’ll be proud of and we can use – if we do use it then you get paid £100!