Production Park Tours

25th September 2023

Production Park Tours

Tour the Production Park campus, where world first, meets world famous - where global tours are staged, film comes to life and the virtual becomes reality. We're a created community of studios, technology and education and we're opening the doors to you - our practitioners of the future. Book one of our time slots to...
23rd September 2023

Chauvet Professional Presents: Lighting WORKSHOP

Moving Light Service Training + Q&A
23rd September 2023

Sennheiser / Neumann Presents: Audio WORKSHOP

Learn all about the wireless microphone technologies available for stadium, touring, festivals and large scale events.
23rd September 2023

ChamSys Presents: Lighting WORKSHOP

These sessions will introduce you to the ChamSys MagicQ software, showing the latest features and looking into the basics of programming a lighting show file. Starting with an introduction to the ChamSys, you will then learn to patch fixtures, create cues, use palettes for busking and create some great FX. There will be ChamSys MagicQ...
20th September 2023

Vectorworks Presents: CAD Design WORKSHOP

Come and learn the fundamentals of CAD design with industry-leading design software.

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