RAD UV-1G Intercom Best Practices Webinar

The entire Radio Active Design team will join the folks at Practical Show Tech for a webinar discussing UV-1G wireless intercom best practices and application tips. James Stoffo and the entire RAD team will be joining us to discuss RAD system operation and VHF/UHF best practices as they apply to the RAD systems and by extension RF in general.

Join us Monday 30 March  @ 4:00 PM for a lively and informative discussion.

Register now!

Online Training

The Shure Audio Institute offers a variety of online training for sales, technical and general audio education.

Learn more about Shure products, their application and best practices for getting the most out of the Shure portfolio.

Find the learning portal for you | Online Learning | Video Tutorials

A4i.tv – Area Four Industries Trussing & Rigging Videos

Introducing the world of rigging and trussing, Area Four Industries have put together a series of educational rigging and trussing videos covering the basics to case studios – designed to elevate event engineering & safety practices in the entertainment industry. Click here for a range of A4i.tv videos.

CAST Software wysiwyg Essentials Training

CAST Software has added more wysiwyg Essentials online training throughout March, April and May. The live online training seminars are carefully crafted to focus on specific areas of wysiwyg to help save you time and to work more efficiently. Each online seminar covers the essential knowledge needed to be successful with wysiwyg as well as highlighting new features.

Getting Started (register now)
A FREE introduction to wysiwyg with a comprehensive product overview and explorations of some of the most common workflows, tools and commands.

Venue & Scenic Elements (register now)
This seminar will show you how easy it is to work with wysiwyg’s inbuilt templates or build your venue based on specific dimensions.

Working with Fixtures (register now)
Whether conventional or automated, this seminar will show you how to insert fixtures along with accessories such as gels and gobos onto hang structures such as pipes and truss.

Concept Creation (register now)
This seminar will show you how to bring your design concepts to life by exploring how to set your lighting fixtures’ intensity, position, colour, gobos and more, without the need to connect with an external source.

Lighting Plots & Paperwork (register now)
This seminar will demonstrate how easy it is to create professional scaled plots and lighting paperwork, including fixture schedules, hookups, pipe tapes, color and gobo lists to communicate a design accurately with your team.

Custom Training

Delivering wysiwyg experts right to your desktop. Schedule classes at your convenience, from one-hour increments for online help, up to week-long sessions for on-site training. Training sessions are subject to trainer availability and demand. Complete this request form and a member of the training team will be in touch soon.

MA Lighting – MA University

The MA University aims to enable lifelong learning opportunities, constant improvement and creates a platform for staying up to date by providing comprehensive training programs and delivering global MA knowledge to the highest quality standards. The training program of the MA University is certified worldwide by MA Lighting and aims to guarantee a consistency of knowledge independent of the training concept and location. The free e-learning portal MA University is open now.

The MA University e-learning also offers a flexible learning platform for interactive knowledge transfer to any location. Especially now it is the right time to recap, educate yourself or connect with other MA users with the MA online tools – at anytime and from any place. MA Lighting also regularly posts tutorials on their social media pages.

Learn more here: malighting.com/elearning

Or contact your local MA Distributor directly for your personal MA E-learning login.

Free Vectorworks Spotlight Essentials Seminars

Vectorworks is offering free Spotlight Essentials Seminars, using the code “TRAINMENOW”.

Check out this Eventbrite page for a raft of Vectorworks Essentials Seminars dates from here.

Pangolin Systems Quick Hints

Pangolin Systems will host Quick Hints, setup, and safety videos in the coming weeks through their in-depth blog and a series of live streams over the coming weeks, covering all aspects of laser education.

The Quick Hints videos help new users quickly and efficiently learn how to use our BEYOND software. With each video designed to be as short as possible, while providing all the necessary information you should know about the different tools and functions inside of BEYOND.

The 'Three-Phase Series' covers three groups of videos—ranging from Beginner, Intermediate to Expert. Discover more here.

Ambersphere Solutions MA Lighting Training

Ambersphere Solutions have added additional grandMA2 user training courses and grandMA2 network courses. Both courses are open to any freelancer that has just found they have unexpected time on their hands. These courses are Free of Charge and we will be trying to add more over the coming weeks/months. Contact training@ambersphere.co.uk. for a space.

The grandMA2 user course takes place on 24-26 March and the grandMA2 Network course will be on 27 March. All of the training courses ask for a voluntary £10 + VAT fee that goes directly to the industry charity Backup - The Technical Entertainment Charity to help support those hit hardest during COVID-19.

For your space please contact training@ambersphere.co.uk.

High End Systems Hedgeucation

High End Systems launches the Hedgeucation series covering Hog 4 software and desk features. Additional training companion materials for each topic can be downloaded from their website. Season One in Learn Hog 4, a new online video series that demonstrates how easy it is to learn and use the Hog 4 platform. All episodes can be found on a new landing page on the HES website,

Season One gets viewers up and rocking quickly, focusing on use of the compact HedgeHog 4 console to patch, program and operate a live show. High End Systems’ Joe Haller hosts the series, offering practical Hog tips and tricks along with a true Texan sense of humor (‘Who doesn’t like mirror balls, Joe?’) A nail biting season finale shot at the Majestic Theatre in Madison, WI shows programmers how to use what they’ve learned to light a live performance. Extras including Hog 4 show files and additional course material can be downloaded from www.highend.com/learnhog4.

Season One Episodes:

Episode 1.1 – Hardware and Patching
Episode 1.2 – Basic Programming
Episode 1.3 – Using Groups and Palettes
Episode 1.4 – Recording and Playing Back
Episode 1.5 – Simple Effects
Episode 1.6 – Updating and Busking

Outboard TiMax Training

Out Board has opened an invitation to select an available time and date for a personal, one-on-one, one-hour Skype screen-share training session, with Dave Haydon or Robin Whittaker in the UK (GMT) or Duncan Crundwell in the USA (EST).

Sessions are open to all sound designers, sound engineers and production sound techs worldwide on a first-come, first-served basis. Simply register to download TiMax SoundHub software (Mac or Windows) from outboard.co.uk and enter “1on1” into the About You section. Alternatively contact Out Board direct on software@outboard.co.uk.