ADJ Stay Connected Educational Series

ADJ  continues its Stay Connected Educational Series on Facebook Live.

Light Up Your Live Stream (with Jake Rhodes & Bob Mentele)
Tuesday, April 21 | 12pm (Pacific) / 21:00 (Central Europe)

With both presenters having degrees in theatrical lighting, Jake Rhodes and Bob Mentele will share their knowledge, from a technical standpoint, about what type of stage lighting to use to look professional for live stream video presentations. They will explain the difference between key lighting, fill lighting and back fill lighting. Plus, how to add in moving heads, how to make presenters pop on camera, explain dynamic white color temperatures, plus how to use correct gamma settings on your lighting fixtures for the video camera use. They will cover live stream lighting for single person vlogging all the way to a group of performer on a stage.

CHAUVET Professional Presents New Tech Talk Series

CHAUVET Professional has announced the upcoming schedule of Tech Talks.

Tune in Thursdays at 20:00 CEST or 19:00 BST. This virtual series is packed with how-to's, in-depth trainings, design topics and a LIVE Q&A hosted by our Product Managers to help elevate your skillset.

Here’s What’s Scheduled. More to Come:

April 16th How-To's of Pixel Mapping & Choosing the Right Product
April 23rd What is Red Shift Anyway?
April 30th Learning Preset Sync Function
May 7th Choosing the Right Light Engine


You can find the shows here and Catch up on any missed shows on here.

Bose Professional Announces DeltaQ Technology and ShowMatch Webinars

Join this webinar to learn more about Bose Professional DeltaQ array technology. We will explore how ShowMatch solutions help to solve acoustic issues related to the audience coverage area and there will be a detailed EASE focus design explanation by a Bose Pro Senior Engineer, Jörgen Allen, from one of the last live tours with ShowMatch.

–       How the structure of a room affects the audio quality
–       How does the DeltaQ technology solve acoustic issues related to room geometry
–       ShowMatch hardware overview
–       DeltaQ technology in the Bose ShowMatch System
–       EASE focus design explanation from one of our last live tours with ShowMatch - Hammerfall European Dominion Tour

First session: Thursday April 23rd, 2020 at 9:30 CEST [link]
Second session: Thursday April 23rd April at 16:00 CEST [link]

TAIT offers Free Online Training Series for Introduction to iQ Powered by Navigator

TAIT is now offering free online training courses for iQ Powered by NAVIGATOR to the live event community.

After watching the iQ Training Video Series, viewers will know how to operate machines using a variety of methods, add windows to workspaces, create time saving pre-sets, program a show using various cue lines and organizational helpers, as well as stop and restart cues.

In addition to the launch of TAIT’s online training, Scott Chalfant, Director of Product Management for TAIT Navigator, is co-hosting USITT’s News @ Noon webinar on Thursday, April 16, 2020 to further dive into iQ Powered by Navigator and show viewers how to access the iQ Training Video Series.

TAIT’s iQ Training Videos will be offered at no charge until May 15, 2020. New releases may be made available thereafter, but we will assess the level of enrolment and engagement before extending further.

Click here to access the iQ Training Video Series.

Register to attend USITT’s News @ Noon featuring Scott Chalfant, Director of Product Management for TAIT Navigator.

ChamSys Expands Training Academy, Adds Weekly Live MagicQ and Multi Language Material

ChamSys continues to build on its global commitment to education, making webinar bookings and 20-minute appointment consultations found on the training page available in German, Italian and Spanish versions. The company has also broadened the scope of its training with the addition of new Live MagicQ sessions that will stream every Tuesday at 11 am EST (4 pm BST).

Conducted by the ChamSys training staff, the new sessions will delve deeply into key MagicQ software capabilities, such as mapping complex fixtures, FX setup and tracking. In addition to being livestreamed on Facebook, the lessons will also be made available on IGTV.

The new MagicQ material, which will be available only in English initially, will feature the following topics:

  • Control and Mapping of Complex Fixtures With Multiple Elements, which covers subjects like Ind/Dup, element selection, and non-linear shape fixtures used in Grids -- 14th April
  • Better Busking With the Execute Window, which offers tips on setting up grids with groups, palettes and cues – April 21
  • FX 101, which looks at setting up custom FX, group FX and playing back FX – 28 April
  • Faster Programming With Tracking, which explains tracking, detailing how it works with MQ, and also HLF, viewing tracking, block cue and block FX – 5 May
  • Advanced Pixel Mapping, which covers pixel mapper FX, movies, gifs and live feeds 12 May
  • Effective Playback With Options, which provides a detailed review of topics like advanced cue stack options, fader options and playback holdover – 19 May
  • Timecode With MagicQ, which examines issues relating to timecode on cue stacks

DPA Microphones Announces Facebook Live interviews and Mic Trainings

DPA Microphones have announced a week full of interviews and live mic training.

In each session you will have the chance to ask questions via the chat function.

In the schedule below you can find the time based on Central European Summer Time (CEST) and Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). If you sign up for the event on Facebook, you will be notified as it goes live.

The schedule

Monday, April 13th

20:00 CEST / 2:00pm EDT
Facebook Live with production sound mixer Whit Norris (new date)
Production sound mixer for Ron Howard, Adam McKay, Todd Phillips, Seth Gordon, Kevin Smith and more.

Tuesday, April 14th

20:00 CEST / 2:00pm EDT
Facebook Live with FOH engineer Brad Madix
FOH for Linkin Park, Florence and the Machine, Rush and more.

Wednesday, April 15th

15:30 CEST / 9:30am EDT
DPA Live Talk mit Monitormann Sascha Kohl (in German)
FOH for „Sing meinen Song – das Tauschkonzert“, Rea Garvey, Tokio Hotel and more.

Thursday, April 16th

20:00 CEST / 2:00pm EDT
Facebook Live with audio professional Eddie Caipo
FOH for Enrique Iglesias, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera and more.

Friday, April 17th

18:00 CEST / 12:00am EDT
Product overview 4097 Choir Mic
When and how to use the DPA 4097 CORE Supercardioid Choir Mic.

You can follow DPA here

Interested in educational articles about mics and audio? If so, check out the wide range of topics available on DPA's Microphone University. From tips & tricks on how to correctly close mic instruments to theoretical info about noise, distortion and specifications, Mic Uni has you covered.


DAS Audio Webinars and Workshops

DAS Audio are offering a selection of workshops and webinars designed with the objective of transmitting knowledge about the use of its systems. Webinars allow users to receive online training from its engineers and interact with them at any time during the presentation while workshops provide supervised hands-on training with all our systems and acoustic control and simulation software. Webinar and workshop topics include DASnet – System Monitoring and Control and Introduction to Software and Systems / Level 1.

The full calender can be viewed here:

Chroma-Q Vista 3 Webinars Now Available

Chroma-Q is offering free Vista by Chroma-Q lighting and media control training. Very aware and saddened by the current market situation, they will be hosting weekly webinars to help you develop your knowledge and skills, from the comfort of your own home.

If you are interested in sharpening your Vista 3 skills, the Vista by Chroma-Q team will be bringing you a series of webinars every Wednesday and Thursday throughout April. Keep an eye out on the Vista by Chroma-Q website - course content and registration will be updated every Friday.

Please visit to register for the next webinars.

Free Software Plus Training and Webinars from disguise OnDemand

disguise has launched disguise OnDemand - a virtual hub that features access to free training and webinars exploring key features and elements of the disguise workflow. Held in multiple languages, multiple times a day, the platform will feature exclusive content, including the opportunity for the community to take part in specialist discussions on key industry topics, and hear from customers during spotlight discussions on showstopping case studies.

Designed as a place for the community to learn and keep up-to-date on all things regarding disguise, free online training sessions take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are planning on running a condensed version of the Fundamental and Pre-Production Workflows Training, broken down into a series of six one hour sessions where attendees can learn the core features, including the timeline, stage, configuring output feeds, and how to set up devices.

As part of a wider initiative to reach out to the disguise community, disguise is also offering the ‘Designer’ software free until September, and giving a series of discounted USB dongle giveaways, as well as partnering with Notch on a ‘codemeter’ dongle sharing scheme, allowing more people to access to both their software.

Keep up to date with the growing webinar and training schedule, and register by visiting

Ayrton Boredom Buster

As you know our industry is facing an unprecedented, involuntary “down-time” as a result of the current situation. Ayrton wants to help break up the monotony by offering an opportunity for your creative expression while you’re isolated.

Show Ayrton what you can do by participating in the Ayrton Boredom Buster!

Here’s how to get involved:

• Create a show to the song of your choosing using your favourite pre-visualization software and an ‘Ayrton only’ virtual lighting rig.

• Submit your video, mailing address and shirt size via email to with the subject “Ayrton Boredom Buster.”

In return you could receive some swag, goodies and an opportunity to be featured on Ayrton’s social media pages.

Watch Ayrton's social media pages to see some great results! #AyrtonBoredomBuster

Absen Rental & Staging Webinar

Hosted by Christian Czimny, Absen’s Rental & Staging Industry Director, this first webinar in the series will provide you with a short overview of the latest Absen rental products and answer any questions you may have.

Join the upcoming webinar series to focus your efforts during these difficult times. Absen will be answering your questions and exploring the latest products, trends and technologies that will help take your event to the next level, when we eventually emerge from these times of uncertainty.

Submit your questions:

Do you have any questions about the latest Absen rental products? Submit them now to ensure we are able to cover them during our Q&A session on the day.

Submit Questions

Accessing the Webinar:
Before the webinar is live, all registered attendees will receive a link that they can use to participate in the webinar. We’ll email this to you shortly before the date.

Register Here

ADJ Hosts Stay Connected Series

Over the next few weeks, ADJ will host a series of live video broadcasts that will provide educational content and in-depth product overviews. Each installment of ‘Stay Connected’ will have a specific focus and provide an opportunity for lighting and event professionals to upskill from the safety and comfort of their own homes ready for when the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Hosted from ADJ’s Los Angeles HQ by members of the company’s in-house team of technical experts, each “Stay Connected” video broadcast will take place at 12pm (Pacific Time) / 21:00 (Central Europe Time) and focus on a different lighting/video technology or application:

Theatre Lighting (with Jake Rhodes)
Thursday, April 2nd | 12pm (Pacific) / 21:00 (Central Europe)
With a background in theatrical lighting, ADJ’s Product Specialist, Jake Rhodes, is ideally placed to host this session focusing on lighting for theatre. As well as showcasing ADJ’s range of LED-powered Moving Heads, Ellipsoidal, Pars and Fresnel fixtures, Jake will offer a variety of general tips for effective theatre lighting. Time: 12pm (Pacific Time) / 21:00 (Central Europe Time).

Multi-projector and 3D Projection Mapping with ArKaos Media Master (with Corey Saenz)
Tuesday, April 7th | 12pm (Pacific) / 21:00 (Central Europe)
Hosted by ADJ’s video product specialist, Corey Saenz, this session will be a deep dive into the world of projection mapping. Corey will demonstrate multi-projector use, as well as projection on a three-dimensional surface using the ArKaos Media Master software. Time: 12pm (Pacific Time) / 21:00 (Central Europe Time).

Under The Hood: Focus Spot 6Z (with Chuck Green)
Thursday, April 9th | 12pm (Pacific) / 21:00 (Central Europe)
Original host, Chuck Green, is bringing back the popular ‘Under The Hood’ video series where he opens up an ADJ fixture to show its internal workings. In this live edition, Chuck will lift the lid on ADJ’s brand new Focus Spot 6Z. The new flagship of the Focus Series, this moving head spot fixture is packed with features and in this in-depth video Chuck will not only explain what they are but how they work as he take viewers under the hood! Time: 12pm (Pacific Time) / 21:00 (Central Europe Time).

Nightclubs, Bars & Lounges (with Edgar Bernal)
Tuesday, April 14th | 12pm (Pacific) / 21:00 (Central Europe)
This session will focus on how lighting, video and effects can be used to enhance the atmosphere in all kinds of nightlife venues from small bars, through to exclusive lounges, all the way up to large-scale super clubs. As well as offering practical tips on making the best use of any size of budget, this video presentation will highlight the latest additions to the ADJ range that are perfect for installation in late-night venues. Time: 12pm (Pacific Time) / 21:00 (Central Europe Time).

ADJ Round Table (with Alfred Gonzales)
Thursday, April 16th | 12pm (Pacific) / 21:00 (Central Europe)
In this unique live panel discussion broadcast, ADJ’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales, will welcome back all four of the Stay Connected video hosts. Alfred will talk to Jake, Corey, Chuck and Edgar about the experience of hosting their live videos and find out what feedback they’ve received. The Round Table will also be an opportunity for viewers to ask the panel questions, as well as suggest topics for future live videos. Time: 12pm (Pacific Time) / 21:00 (Central Europe Time).

Join ADJ for this series of Stay Connected videos from the comfort and safety of your home or office. It will be an excellent opportunity to increase both your product knowledge and technical expertise ready for when the pandemic is over and the world is ready for the biggest party any of us have ever seen!

Each ADJ Stay Connected session will be broadcast live on Facebook:

NMK Electronics New Solstice Active Learning Webinar

With Solstice Active Learning launching in a few days, you’re invited to join our exciting webinar on 31 March at 11:00AM MST where Mersive’s CTO & founder Christopher Jaynes, PhD, will showcase this new software-based capability and answer any questions you may have.

  • Solstice Active Learning overview & key benefits
  • Demo of real-time video routing
  • Demo of drag-and-drop layout tool
  • How to access your free 30-day trial
  • Q&A

Register here.

Unable to attend?
Sign up to receive the webinar recording.

Genelec G*Connect Webinars

Genelec is hosting an increased number of their popular G*Connect webinars over the next few months to help provide knowledge and guidance on a whole range of audio topics.

The webinars are free to join, and everyone attending will be issued with a free certificate by Genelec afterwards. Presenters will be happy to take questions from attendees during the course of the presentation, and all those attending are actively encouraged to join in the discussion.

Webinar Title: Improving the sound of your home studio
Date: Tuesday 31st March
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM BST
Host: Andy Bensley - Regional Business Development Manager for Genelec

Webinar Link

DPA Microphones Facebook Live Mic Training

DPA's own Bo Brinck will be talking about a wide range of topics, showing you tips and tricks and generally sharing his passion and knowledge about microphones and sound.

Each session is planned to take about 30 minutes and he will take time to answer viewers' questions that have been sent in via the chat function. Below is a schedule so you can see all of the times and the topics we are live. All times are based on Danish time (GMT+2). If you sign up for the event in Facebook, you will be notified all week as we go live with the different topics. Register here.


17:30 (5 pm)
Tips for content creators
How to optimise your home "studio"


Speech intelligibility
The importance of mic placement on the body

17:30 (5 pm)
Holding handheld mics correctly
Watch your grip, it affects your sound


Tips for content creators
How to optimize your home "studio"

17:30 (5 pm)
Cleaning mics
How to keep your mics clean and germ free


Holding handheld mics correctly
Watch your grip, it affects your sound

17:30 (5 pm)
Speech intelligibility
The importance of mic placement on the body


Cleaning mics
How to keep your mics clean and germ free

Adamson Launches Free Bi-Weekly Webinar Series

Adamson Systems Engineering has launched an ongoing series of free educational webinars for current and potential partners and end-users around the world. The Adamson Education Webinar Series addresses some ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic while keeping consistent with the company’s amplified focus on partner education for 2020.

The Adamson Education Webinar Series launched in mid-March with a pair of episodes dedicated to the latest version (v1.2.8) of Adamson’s Blueprint AV 3D predictive simulation software, followed by an in-depth discussion and Q&A with Adamson’s Head of Education, Jeremiah Karni, and Head of Product and Technology, Brian Fraser.

With past episodes already archived for on-demand access, the series will continue to cover a myriad of topics relevant to Adamson products, technologies, and applications, as well as the wider live sound and integration industries for the foreseeable future.

In addition to the webinar series, Adamson is developing and adapting other education and networking initiatives to be delivered remotely.

All upcoming editions of the Adamson Education Webinar Series, along with other training and networking initiatives, can be found at:


PSAV Global Virtual Events Day

To help event professionals sharpen their skills during this time, PSAV and its family of companies are launching a series of free educational webinars.
The series kicks off on 2 April at 10 a.m. EST with Global Virtual Events Day, a day-long webinar featuring PSAV’s team of experts who will cover everything you need to know to plan and produce a world-class virtual event. Participants will be eligible for up to five continuing education hours.
Register today to:
•Understand a variety of meeting platforms and tools
•Learn how to take storytelling from the stage to the screen
•Get your audiences engaged
•Bring your brand to life virtually
•Enable simultaneous interpretation
Introduction - How to Successfully Transition Your Event From Live to Virtual
Kickoff Begins: 10:00 a.m. EST
Derek Blake, Divisional Vice President, PSAV Global Learning
FROM LIVE TO VIRTUAL: Designing an Optimal Experience
Session 1: 10:20 a.m. EST
You’ve planned an engaging live event – but now you need to take it virtual. In this two-part session, you’ll learn how to effectively rework that carefully crafted experience for a virtual format. Part 1: Presenters will teach you how to adapt your design mindset into the virtual landscape, including the psychology of designing an event.  Part 2: Focuses on logistics with tips on running a polished virtual event, including best practices to help you handle moderators, speakers, and help with supporting the remote viewer.
 Anthony Vade, Experience Architect, FMAV
David Solsbery, Vice President Creative and Marketing, Hargrove
Brian Johnston, National Director, Creative Innovation, Encore Canada
Amber Cunningham, Producer and Stage Manager, Encore Canada
Designing & Delivering Engaging Virtual Content
Session 2 : 11:05 a.m. EST
We’ve all come across a situation where a face-to-face event has to move to online. But not all types of content work with all types of formats. In this session, learning and development experts will cover the important factors to consider when designing, developing, and delivering effective content for a virtual audience.

 Chad Otto, Director Content Management & Learning Technology, PSAV Global Learning
Derek Blake, Divisional Vice President, PSAV Global Learning
A Solid Foundation: Technology Basics for Virtual Events
Session 3: 11:50 a.m. EST
When moving from a face-to-face to a virtual event, understanding the basic technology and terminology is critical. In this session, we’ll define the various virtual event options available, when they’re applicable, and look at the strengths and weaknesses of each.
Presenters: Brent Rogers, Vice President, Digital, PSAV
Kevin McFarlane, Head of Development, Concise
Live from the Living Room: Connecting and Presenting Virtually  
Session 4: 12:35 p.m. EST
Presenting from home? Make sure you’re doing it like a pro. During this session, you’ll learn tips and tricks to optimize your Wi-Fi, develop an at-home studio, and never worry about a “spotty connection” again.
Presenters: Alex Wedesky, Senior Field Operations Manager, PSAV
Matt Harvey, Vice President, Internet Services, PSAV
Break the Language Barrier: Serving Multilingual Audiences  
Session 5: 1:15 p.m. EST
Whether your event is local or streamed to a global audience, professional simultaneous interpretation adds value to your event by allowing international, multilingual audiences to understand your organization’s global message. This session will review the many options available to meeting planners for remote interpretation.
Presenters: John Kendrick, Vice President and Managing Director, Conference Systems
Istvan Gyenis and David Longacre, Sales Managers, Conference Systems
Unlocking Opportunities: Create Value with Virtual Event Sponsorships
Session 6: 2:00 p.m. EST
Sponsorship revenues are a critical component in today’s event landscape. Instead of generating sponsorship revenue from physical space, there are eye-catching spaces and multiple locations within the online environment for placement of highly engaging sponsorships. Inventory can be segmented into several different placement options and sold individually or in packages.
Presenters: Roy Benear, Vice President Exhibits + Specialty Events, PSAV
Mike Potter, Group Creative Director, PSAV
How it All Comes Together: 2019 SALT Conference Event Case Study
Session 7: 2:45 p.m. EST
What better way to understand a virtual event than to hear a real-life success story? This case study brings together all the critical elements of creative and production to showcase a hybrid of a live and virtual event.
Presenters: Jamey Gallagher, Vice President Creative Strategy, Encore Global Production Group 
Chani Mintz, Senior Producer, Encore Global Production Group
Sign up here

d&b audiotechnik Web Based Training

The d&b team would like to create space for open conversation, to listen to technical questions and comments, exchange thoughts and ideas, and ultimately fill as many knowledge gaps as possible.

To do so, d&b is offering webinar sessions with a duration of 30-45 minutes and a following Q&A on different topics.

Just follow the schedule within the language sections for more detailed information, topics and technical requirements. Please register for each webinar session individually.

Spaces in each session are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and your registration will be confirmed via email. If you do not receive a confirmation from d&b, please select an alternate session below:


WEBINAR - How to use QLab with Soundscape

(30 March)

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WEBINAR - Why AP is absolutely NOT about making it "equally loud everywhere"

(30 March)

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WEBINAR - d&b Sketchup Plugin best practice.

(31 March)

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WEBINAR - Why AP is absolutely NOT about making it "equally loud everywhere".

(31 March)

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WEBINAR - NoizCalc: Map visualization tools and interaction

(31 March)

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WEBINAR - How to use QLab with Soundscape.

(31 March)

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WEBINAR - Why AP is absolutely NOT about making it "equally loud everywhere".

(1 April)

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WEBINAR - NoizCalc: Map visualization tools and interaction

(1 April)

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WEBINAR - How to use QLab with Soundscape.

(1 April)

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WEBINAR - d&b Sketchup Plugin best practice.

(1 April)

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WEBINAR - Why AP is absolutely NOT about making it "equally loud everywhere".

(2 April)

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WEBINAR - d&b Sketchup Plugin best practice.

(2 April)

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WEBINAR - Why AP is absolutely NOT about making it "equally loud everywhere".

(2 April)

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WEBINAR - NoizCalc: Map visualization tools and interaction

(3 April)

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WEBINAR - d&b Sketchup Plugin best practice.

(3 April)

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WEBINAR - Why AP is absolutely NOT about making it "equally loud everywhere".

(3 April)

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Creative Technology – Free Online Training Sessions

Join Creative Technology's first free online training session this Friday: Introduction to Networks.

Aims: To be able to connect, configure, and fault find a basic network.
- Network type, designs, and components
- Network protocols – IP addresses – Subnet Mask
- PC and Mac network utilities

There will be 4 sessions taking place on Wednesday at 10:00, 11:30, 14:00, and 15:30 (BST) and will each last 45 minutes.

Sign up now!

K-array Webinar Series Presents Azimut

Join K-array for online discussions that will cover its most discreet system, the Azimut and how its easy-to-manage, high performance technology is designed to benefit the end user.

This 45-minute webinar will explain using relevant, practical examples and technical specifications on how to improve the overall sound experience by employing this practically-invisible system that produces highly-intelligible audio technology.

Different times and languages are available, so sign up now for the slot that best fits your needs and reserve your spot today.