Audio-Technica’s “Drum Mic Basics” Tutorial Videos Demonstrate the Fundamentals of Recording a Drum Kit

Audio-Technica has been offering a series of resources for people recording in isolation. The company’s online YouTube series “Drum Mic Basics” features 10 videos covering all aspects of recording a drum kit. The videos are short and engaging, easy to follow and filled with useful information.

“Basic Drum Miking: The Kick Drum” lays out strategies for picking a proper bass drum mic and outlines techniques for mic placement inside the drum. In separate videos, the components of a drum kit are each given individual attention, including toms, snare, ride cymbal, and hi-hat, with mic placement and proper mic selection explored in detail for each of these instruments. “The Room,” “The Full Kit” and “The Overheads” are also spotlighted in their own videos, demonstrating the techniques to get the proper overall ambience to make the drums sound unified and balanced.

Autoplay the entire playlist here, or visit the individual video links below:

Drums on a Budget:
The Full Kit:
The Jazz Kit:
The Kick Drum:
The Snare Drum:
The Toms:
The Hi-Hat:
The Overheads:
The Ride Cymbal:
The Room: