ADJ Adds to Stay Connected Educational Series

ADJ adds to its Stay Connected Educational Series on Facebook Live.

Hosted from ADJ’s Los Angeles HQ by members of the company’s in-house team of technical experts, each Stay Connected video broadcast will take place at 12pm (Pacific Time) / 21:00 (Central Europe Time) and focus on a different lighting/video technology or application:

Designing LED Video Wall Systems (with Corey Saenz)
Tuesday, May 5th – 12pm (PT) / 21:00 (CET)
ADJ’s Video Product Specialist, Corey Saenz, will take viewers through the process of designing and setting up an LED video wall. Using the new ADJ VS Vision Series panels and ArKaos MediaMaster software, Corey will share insights and tips from his extensive experience of working with LED video products and systems.

DJ Roundtable (with Alfred Gonzales, Albert Paredes + Friends)
Wednesday, May 6th – 12pm (PT) / 21:00 (CET)
This bonus Stay Connected installment, hosted in conjunction with ADJ’s sister brand Eliminator Lighting, will focus on the mobile DJ/entertainment market. Hosted by ADJ’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales, alongside Eliminator Lighting’s Product Manager, Albert Paredes, the session will feature a panel of leading entertainment company owners from across the U.S. who will discuss a wide range of topics including business, marketing and technical issues relating to the DJ industry as well as the impact of the current COVID-19 crisis.

Lighting Installation Roundtable (with Alfred Gonzales + Friends)
Thursday, May 7th – 12pm (PT) / 21:00 (CET)
ADJ’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales, will host a panel session, via Zoom, focusing on lighting installation for bars, nightclubs and other venues. Alongside co-hosts Edgar Bernal and Mike Turner, Alfred will welcome industry special guests who will share their extensive experience of planning and executing successful installation projects of all sizes.

IP-Rating: What, Why and When (with Mike Turner)
Tuesday, May 12th – 12pm (PT) / 21:00 (CET)
ADJ Regional Sales Manager Mike Turner will host an educational session focusing on IP-rated fixtures. Alongside his co-host, ADJ Product Specialist Jake Rhodes, Mike will explain what IP rating is and what the different numbers mean. He’ll also discuss why IP-rating is important and when you might want to make use of IP-rated fixtures as a lighting or event professional. This video will also feature an overview of ADJ’s extensive range of IP-rated fixtures, including static LED washes and the ground-breaking Hydro Series of moving head luminaires.

Capture Software Workshop (with Edgar Bernal)
Thursday, May 14th – 12pm (PT) / 21:00 (CET)
Join ADJ Regional Sales Manager Edgar Bernal for a deep dive into the powerful Capture lighting design, documentation and visualization software. Alongside co-hosts, Jake Rhodes, Bob Mentele and Corey Saenz, Edgar will demonstrate how to set up and use Capture to design and visualize a lighting rig from your computer.

Making Use Of A Mini Line Array (with Chuck Green)
Tuesday, May 19th – 12pm (PT) / 21:00 (CET)
In this information-packed session, Avante Audio’s Sales Manager, Chuck Green, will showcase the innovative Imperio modular ‘mini’ line array system. Having explained the concept behind Imperio, Chuck will discuss how it can be deployed in a wide variety of configurations to meet the requirements of different types of performance, as well as different sizes and shapes of venue.

Lighting Designer Roundtable (with Alfred Gonzales + Friends)
Thursday, May 21st – 12pm (PT) / 21:00 (CET)
ADJ’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales, will host a panel session, via Zoom, focusing on lighting design. Alongside co-hosts Edgar Bernal and Mike Turner, Alfred will welcome a panel of successful and experienced lighting designers. Each of the guests will share their unique career stories and also some of their tips for creating great lighting designs.

ADJ New Product Showcase (with Jake Rhodes)
Tuesday, May 26th – 12pm (PT) / 21:00 (CET)
ADJ has a whole host of new products due to arrive in time for the summer and in this session Product Specialist Jake Rhodes will introduce them in detail. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the Vizi Beam 12RX, Hydro Wash X19, Focus Spot 5Z and Focus Spot 6Z moving heads in action. Jake will also demonstrate the potential of ADJ’s new Encore Profile Pro WW and Encore Profile Color professional Ellipsoidals as well as the new Pixie Strip series of pixel-mappable RGB LED strip fixtures.

Production Roundtable (with Alfred Gonzales + Friends)
Thursday, May 28th – 12pm (PT) / 21:00 (CET)
ADJ’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales, will host a panel session, via Zoom, focusing on lighting production for concerts, festivals and other events. Alfred will welcome a number of industry special guests who all run successful production companies in different areas of the US. As they chat to Alfred, each guest will share the unique story of how they got to where they are today as well as their advice for those aspiring to progress in their own career in lighting production.

Under the Hood: Vizi Beam 12RX (with Chuck Green)
Tuesday, June 2nd – 12pm (PT) / 21:00 (CET)
One of the most hotly-anticipated and well-received videos in the first wave of Stay Connected was the return of Chuck Green’s ‘Under the Hood’ series. For his next trip Under the Hood, Chuck will lift the lid on ADJ’s new Vizi Beam 12RX. This next generation beam fixture harnesses the power of a brilliant 260W Philips® Platinum 12R LL MSD Discharge Lamp and pairs it with an expansive collection of beam-shaping features.

myDMX RM Workshop (with Jake Rhodes)
Thursday, June 4th – 12pm (PT) / 21:00 (CET)
In this informative live video, ADJ’s Product Specialist, Jake Rhodes, will explain how to setup and use the innovative myDMX RM 19” rack mount hardware dongle and stand-alone playback device. Jake will take viewers through the steps needed to connect the device to the myDMX 3.0 software, use it to create Scenes, and then store them to the device for standalone operation.

ADJ Roundtable (with Alfred Gonzales + Friends)
Tuesday, June 7th – 12pm (PT) / 21:00 (CET)
Alfred Gonzales will wrap up the second wave of Stay Connected videos by hosting another roundtable discussion. In this light-hearted panel session, Alfred will talk to the presenters of all the previous live videos and find out what feedback they’ve received. This will also be an opportunity for viewers to ask the panel questions, as well as to suggest topics for future ADJ videos.