Alcons Audio Opens Pro-Ribbon Webinars To The Public

Alcons Audio presents a new series of online educational sessions, featuring industry icons and special guests. Whether specializing in touring/production, installation, residential/studio or cinema, this series will delve into the latest technology, spark innovative dialogue, and expand the sound designer’s toolbox.

With the increased demand for online information, Alcons is now making these presentations available to a much wider audience.
The webinars are presented by David Rahn of Alcons Audio USA, with guest input from highly renowned audio engineers Buford Jones and Gord Reddy. Valuable input for the residential/studio episodes is coming from Walter Fortmüller and Brad Scott, the commercial cinema episodes are backed up by Bill Steele and Taylor Umphenour of American Legion Post43.

Each session will be 30-60 minutes in length with a maximum of 50 attendees. The webinars will provide a detailed insight into Alcons’ products and applications, and will explore the technology behind the company’s multiple-patented pro-ribbon audio solutions and the benefits they bring to the pro audio industry.

Every session will start with an introduction to Alcons Audio, with key information about the company, and will finish with a short Q&A session. Participants will be invited to discuss the different topics and to exchange views on current market standards and the future of Pro Audio.

The current-offered time-slots are USA time-zones convenient. As the registrations are adding up very quickly, Alcons opened a second series. Its currently developing a Webinar Series in German. The times and guest appearances will be announced in the near future.

Register here.