A word from some of those involved last year…

Glen Rowe, Backstage Academy
“I was totally blown away by Production Futures. It’s the first time that someone with a passion to get into the live industry can walk into a room and talk to a load of old industry idiots like me, and even more, some very smart industry legends. It felt like a baton exchange from the old to the new. “I can’t wait to stand next to a tour manager or production manager at Reading Festival while they’re watching their headline act, happy in the knowledge that they had a great education at Backstage Academy, or something similar, to get them there. Viva youth!”

John McEvoy, Event and Development Director, PRG XL Video
“The calibre of the students that attended Production Futures was very high and there was a lot of interest in the various schemes we had on offer – mid-course placements, graduate training schemes, and apprenticeships for live event technicians and live event riggers. Following the event we’ve already had a number of applications and I’m looking forward to starting the selection process and getting some students signed up.”

Shaun Pearce, Pearce Hire
“The industry is currently experiencing a shortage of technicians with the required skills and we need to fill the void quickly and these types of initiatives will go a long way to solving this problem. Long gone are the days when you could hook up with band or just turn up at a festival and give a hand humping gear onstage, with many of the smaller venues closing down and the onset of stricter health and safety it is becoming increasingly harder for the younger generation to get into the industry via these means. Production Futures is a pioneering way of addressing this problem and that is why Pearce Hire are proud to be part of this first tentative step of letting the next generation of technicians know what is open to them.”

Katy Huke, d3 Technologies
“d3 are very proud to have sponsored Production Futures. It was inspiring to see so much passion over the course of the day. It showed how the appetite for the industry is quickly growing. It was a perfect platform for allowing us to meet students who were keen to discover or learn more about d3. It was really valuable being able to show live d3 demonstrations and guide the students through some of d3’s fundamentals. It was also helpful to offer career advice to those interested in applying for internships. We’re looking forward to see it grow next year!”

Tim Volker, Creative Technology
“Production Futures was a great way to bring companies closer to the students and vice versa; just as much as they might have learnt from us, we also learnt a lot from everyone we spoke to. It’s amazing to see what sort of courses are available and all the opportunities that academies, colleges and universities offer. It was impossible to not be excited about the amount of passion and young talent that was there throughout the day.”

Dan Mott Director of Pyrojunkies
“It was great to be involved in the first ever Production Futures. We had an interactive area where students could have live demos of our Confetti Guns, LED wind effects, Lasers, & push buttons to fire off Flames! We had lots of interest on the day & hopefully some of the enquires will follow through to expanding our event & warehouse crew in the coming months. We hope this will be the first of many Production Futures.”

A selection of some of the most well-known companies were in attendance at last year’s event.
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