Set up as a younger sibling to the annual TPi Awards, the TPi Breakthrough Talent Awards divised to recognise next generation of live events experts. For 2 months prior to the show, nominations were open to individuals and groups from all corners of the industry to submit some of their recent work for consideration.

This year’s judges were:
EnTEEtainment’s Dick Tee, Touring
Production Manager Richard Young,
Festival Production Manager Ryan Esson,
Cato Music’s Glen Rowe and TPi Editor, Kel Murray.

Winner: James Hayward

“I believe that in the short time I have been a part of this industry, I have been inspired by the amazing events I have come across, which has driven me to go further and to make my own mark on the industry. This award is an indication that I am on the right track, and I am going to continue my passion for touring as a stage manager and guitar tech, working with The Specials and Ocean Colour Scene.”

James Hayward
Ryan McClintock

Winner: Ryan McClintock

“My first year at university has been a whirlwind. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked as a project manager for my Monday-Friday job throughout summer, and spent any of my free time working on some of the UK’s biggest festivals. I’ve worked alongside renowned industry professionals who have been the best mentors for me, which I could have hoped for, and for that I’m really grateful. Winning a TPi Breakthrough Award marks what is hopefully just the beginning of the rest of my working career in this amazing and unique industry.”

Winner: ON LX

“We are incredibly appreciative of this award. It was a great surprise to receive it! We’re very grateful to all of the teams who worked with us on the project. Production Futures was a highly enjoyable event and it has been great to get more industry recognition for our company ON LX. We’re collectively looking forward to the projects yet to come.”

James Walton - ON LX
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